katalina proano Biennale Internazionale dell arte contemporanea 2005


Katalina participated in the The 5th edition of the Florence Biennale took place from 6 to 14 December 2005 in the historical Fortezza da Basso. . In 2001 The United Nations recognized the Florence Biennale as an official partner in the program "Dialogue Among Nations". The last exhibition was defined as a wonderful Biennale, with 890 artists from 72 nations despite their differences of language and faith, found a common language in art to communicate their cultural values, illustrating Kofi Annan's statement:

"Artists have a special role to play in the global struggle for peace. At their best, artists speak not only to people; they speak for them. Art is a weapon against ignorance and hatred and an agent of public awareness… Art opens new doors for learning, understanding, and peace among people and nations."

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